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impDAT is a documentation program for implantologists, prosthodontists und paradontologists for the entry, administration and statistical evaluation of dental data. It was developed out of practical experience and is geared towards the specific requirements of a dental practice. An extended clinic version is also available to meet the needs of clinics and large practices. impDAT is not restricted to specific manufacturers in any way, and so can be used with eg. all implant systems.

The program can be used on a single computer or in a network environment and runs under Windows (NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10).

  • Quality control management is becoming increasingly important in dental practices.
  • More and more operations are being performed - keep things in perspective with impDAT.
  • Your learning curve can be improved by examining your own statistics.
  • With impDAT you can demonstrate the standard and extent of your work.
  • Patients are becoming increasingly informed and demand more information - prove your competence with meaningful statistics.
  • The impDAT field study allows all users to compare their data completely anonymously, letting them participate in the experience of their many collegues.
  • Organise or participate in multi center studies.
  • Graphical summary of the captured data in the form of a dental chart.
  • Treatment summary (eg. dentist, op-report, used materials, x-rays, pictures, used planing software, risks, sterilisation).
  • Data areas: implantations including exposures and explantations (52 parameters), augmentationens (35 parameters), soft tissue management (19 parameters), jaw reconstructions (14 parameters, clinic version), extractions or missing teeth (12 parameters), preparations (18 parameters), abutments (25 parameters), crowns and bridges (31 parameters), retaining elements and bars (12 and 14 parameters), prostheses (28 parameters), check-ups (74 parameters).
  • Additional fields for user defined parameters.
  • Unwanted or unused fields can be hidden to keep the display tidy.
  • Many aids to speed the data entry process, eg. selecting an article number automatically inserts the associated implant type, length, diameter form etc.
  • Implant pass with multiple formats and user defined letterheads.
  • Letters with templates and variable text blocks for patient, referring doctor and recall letters and for op-reports.
  • Treatment summary for any given time period.
  • List of used materials and a simple stock management system.
  • Extensive patient recall system for different appointments, eg. implant check-ups, augmentations, membrane removal, user defined appointments.
  • Data entry forms for a making initial written records of data in case a direct entry of the data is not practicable.
  • Options for backing up and restoring data as well as exporting it for use in external programs.
  • Multi level password security (clinic version).
  • Pre-defined queries for a quick and easy analysis.
  • User defined queries can be easily created and allow almost any combination of parameters to be evaluated.
  • Multiple display options (bars, pies, lines, rings, list of patients etc.).
  • Results can be printed, saved to file or exported to the system clipboard.
  • Simple option to view, save to file or copy the data of a query.
  • Up to 32 filters can be set to limit the data of a query according to different criteria.
  • Extended analysis with the impDAT field study and multi center studies (see  Studies).
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