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Information about the administration of our data as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Here we would like to inform about which customer data we gather, to which purposes we process these data and how you can instruct us to correct or delete your data.
  1. Customers, usually users of the impDAT software,
    1. We gather …
      1. Address data (name, address, title etc.)
      2. Communication data (e-mail, telephoneno., faxno. etc.)
      3. Contract data (Contractual relationship, produce usage: impDAT version, end of support date, usage of the software for online connections, training wishes etc.)
      4. Customer history
      5. Contract accounting and payment data
    2. Processing of the data …
      1. Administration of contracts (invoices, reminders etc.)
      2. Communication (support, information about new contracts, training etc.)
    3. Disclosure of the data under the obligation of confidentiality to …
      1. Tax consultant office in Germany
      2. Administration for our hardware in Germany
  2. Parties interested in our products, usually in the impDAT software
    1. We gather …
      1. Address data (name, address, title etc.)
      2. Communication data (e-mail, telephoneno., faxno., IP-no. etc.)
    2. Processing of the data …
      1. Communication to provide information, (flyers, test versions etc.)
  3. Participants in our online studies.
    We offer all of our impDAT users on a voluntary basis to export their data to our studies in an anonymised form, the data are kept on our online server stationed in Germany.
    Notice concerning the anonymisation of patient data, this applies to all studies:
    Personalised patient data such as the address, contact information and date of birth are anonymised and not traceable back to their origin. Merely the year of birth is recorded in order to make the patient age available for the evaluation of study data, the gender is also recorded for this purpose. All treatment data including the patient's risk factors as documented in impDAT are transferred during the data export for the studies. Further information is available on impdat.com unter Studies > Information.
    1. General field study implantology
      Here all impDAT users that are covered by an active support plan can export their anonymised data (see above) and then run pre supplied statistical queries in order to compare their own data with the cumulated data of all other participants on a percentage basis.
    2. Individual studies
      Here the data indicated in specific study definitions are transferred, incurring the same anonymisation as described above. The data are stored separately from other studies and can only be evaluated by the study leader with a special impDAT software and password.
  4. Correction, limiting and deleting data
    Please send an e-mail to privacy@impdat.com
    1. if you would like to know which data we hold concerning you.
    2. if you would like to correct your data.
    3. if you would like to delete your data. For customers this is only possible after all contractual relations have been terminated and after the minimum time for die necessary provision of tax declarations.
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