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impDAT 3 is very easily to understand and use and comes with a detailed user manual. If training is still required, we offer two different possibilities:
Individual training courses
Individual training courses for impDAT take place on your own premises and last about 6 hours. After the program has been explained in detail, a hands on session is held with your staff to practice the entry of several concrete cases. These individual training sessions cost 1,100 euros plus sales tax (if applicable) and travel costs.
Group training courses
Group training courses for impDAT in your area or during a congress or other event can also be held. As soon as enough participants have indicated their interest in a training course (this can be done below), a date and a venue for the course is arranged. Group courses cost about 150 - 180 euros (depending on the number of participants), plus sales tax (if applicable).
Training  Individual        Group
Group training
following sufficient demand in the area
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