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impDAT - Dental Software
Documentation - Administration - Evaluation - Studies
for implantologists, prosthodontists and periodontists
Current program version: 3.96 - Tables version: 152
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Studies  Field study: compare yourselves with your collegues, easily, safely and completely anonymously
 Studies: organise or participate in multi center studies with very little effort
Evaluation  How many successful implantations and losses by site? Implant type? Year?
 How many patients were treated with fixed vs. removable replacements?
 Which bone substitute materials and augmentation techniques have proved themselves?
 How many patients have been referred from how many doctors and when?
 In which sites have the most teeth been lost and why?
Administration  Professional stock control option with detailed tracking and reports
 Extensive sterile management option with detailed tracking and reports
 Implant pass, letters, recall system, summaries, forms, ...
Documentation  Implantations, augmentations, soft tissue management, jaw reconstructions
 Extractions and missing teeth, preparations, check-ups
 Abutments, crowns and bridges, retaining elements, bars, prostheses
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